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  • Mahatma Gandhi University (M.G.U)
  • School of Educators
  • The International Association for Distance Learning (IADL)
  • Shri Venkateshwara University


  • Mahatma Gandhi University

    Mahatma Gandhi University (M.G.U) is established through Meghalaya State legislative Act, 2010 (Meghalaya Act No.6 of 2011), published in the Gazette of Meghalaya vide No.LL (B).138/2010/41. The Promoting body of MGU has vast experience in the field of Education. University is setup with an objective of providing best quality education to the students.

    Mahatma Gandhi University is empowered to award degrees as specified by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under section 22 of the UGC Act 1956. Earn your degree on your terms. Whether you choose to learn online or at a local campus, you can count on our challenging curriculum and a supportive learning environment.

    Mahatma Gandhi University an institution which promises to become one of India’s leading universities with an acknowledged reputation for excellence in research and teaching. Needless to say it has achieved resounding success in all its ventures including professional education. MGU has emerged as a global university with boasting distinctive strengths in education and entrepreneurship. As a platform for excellence in teaching, learning & administration, state-of-the-art information technology is extensively used in M.G.U, contributing to the development of well trained graduates, post graduates and doctorates to meet the professional manpower needs of not just India but the world.


  • logoSchool of Educators shares best practices and resources for empowering educators. SOE shares resources to spread the best education practices worldwide. Today when 87%  students (as per survey ) are  not able to reach for higher education due to poor education practices followed round the globe SOE is bridging the gap for more and more students to reach colleges by providing models, books, professional development literature etc. to empower educators and make schooling interesting to decrease the dropouts.

    Today 2 million teachers have to be trained to meet the demands of current education trend and SOE is a part of it to provide free teachers training. We are empowering the first time teachers (small and rural India teachers )to become empowered teachers. SOE is today empowering 1.2 million schools of India and same on globe Free of cost.

    Today when every organization is talking about the problems faced due to lack of teachers training, non availability of new teaching methodologies and mushrooming of B.Ed. shops,  SOE is actually training teachers for free. The team SOE is motivated by Saraswati and not Lakshmi.

    SOE is also focusing on professional development by its Free Virtual School online. Today when the teachers training text books have not changed from a long time we are there to bring out the latest and share it with the world. We cover both Scholastic and co-scholastic areas. A new idea, book or resource is shared everyday to prepare teacher for today and tomorrow.

    SOE prepares  educators to make them ready to face any change in education system, and providing resources and training  for teachers to boost their morale and for their empowerment ,to show them that success is achieved only by   “Learn, unlearn and relearn”.These trainings  help several teachers to put in their best throughout their learning process. The whole idea of SOE is to make educators a self motivated learner with the help of ICT.

    SOE virtual school is the new process/tool of learning with the help if ICT and mobile technology. We are into capacity building of teachers for FREE. We are also helping into leadership development of teachers.

    Finally SOE is a part of National mission ( 12th Plan ) to equip the real India (rural India)with the latest in the world by providing subject specific resource, vocational education resource, inclusive education resource and other resources so as to deliver right content to students.

    School of Educators have empowered 5 lac educators  with 1.5 million downloads ( power point presentations, speeches, books, research papers, articles etc. ) of resources with more than 21 million article views in last 3 years for FREE.

    Success of a nation depends on education of its people. Education has to be at the core of national development agenda. School education is perhaps the most important basic element of education system as it lays strong foundation for further learning. The learning and development of one teacher will translate into better education for thousands of students.

    With this in mind, School of educators focuses on bringing forth innovative resources that help educators, administrators, principals and teachers in delivering better quality education to their students and to manage their Schools / colleges professionaly.

  • The International Association for Distance Learning (IADL) was established to promote quality in distance education and training, and to provide benchmarking, approval and recognition of open, online, and distance learning programmes and course-providers worldwide. IADL members include schools, elearning websites, private training companies, NGOs, colleges, universities, and other organisations on five continents.

    Admission to membership of the IADL includes appraisal of a course-provider’s administrative procedures, methods of course delivery, and its educational and publicity materials. Consideration is also given to in-house quality control systems. Members are assessed to ensure that learners receive a product which is consistent with the values and policies set by the IADL.

    Members are required to undergo periodic re-assessment by assessors and evaluators nominated by IADL.

    IADL’S officers, assessors, and evaluators include academics, workingprofessionals and peer organizations from a variety of disciplines and countries. Committee members, assessors and other regulatory officers are all qualified and experienced in their own particular fields, and are chosen for their ability to contribute to the work of the IADL. Through a process of continuing quality control, the IADL will monitor the services provided by its membership as an ongoing assurance that standards are maintained.


    The International Association for Distance Learning is an independent and voluntary association of open, distance, and online course-providers and does not offer its own learning programmes.

  • Shri Venkateshwara University is the outcome of the dream of a visionary who had a desire to create an education system where even a deprived background student will get equal opportunity and motivation to learn and receive education in order to become an achiever par excellence.

    The dreamer, our Founder Chancellor, Shri Sudhir Giri, an Engineer by profession, a down to earth person with human values by childhood and family experience, an achiever and leader, an educational entrepreneur, knows how to translate his dream into reality. He analyzed and observed very keenly the changing global scenario and its demand on education system especially the applied sciences, including management and technical education. With this in mind, a world class facility had been created in Gajraula to develop well tuned professionals and technocrats who will serve the society with dedication, value and proper mindset.

    Shri Venkateshwara University is strongly wedded to orienting education capable of meeting the rapidly changing needs and challenges of the universe at large and of India in particular. The University education is an organized attempt to help people become intelligent, self reliant, able to face real life situations and have an economic and ethical relevance to the society. We at Shri Venkateshwara University evolved and adopted the teaching programs, requiring the students to undergo the rigor of the professional world in forms as well as in substance providing them an opportunity to apply their class-room knowledge to live situations. Thus, to build the long needed bridge between the professional world and the educational world.