The course work will be assessed through Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and it will be based on different criteria and techniques. It would provide enough feedback and space for improvement. Scheme of Evaluation will involve assessment on the basis of Assignments and Test Papers.

At the end of each module, students will be required to submit an assignment that will be subsequently evaluated and graded. The assignments have to be submitted latest by the due dates. Once you have submitted your assignment, your work will be assessed and graded. Your grades will be sent to your tutor, who will have the responsibility of notifying you of your grades (through e-mail as well as post) along with his/her personal comments on your work. Students can submit their assignments through e-mail. There will be test papers at the end of the course. Once you have completed all assignments and test papers, you will be awarded your diploma in school leadership that will reflect an average of all assignments grades and test grades. You will be given your overall grade. The Diploma Certificate in School Leadership will be issued within one month after course completion to the students who will successfully complete the course and have a pass grade in both test papers.

Award of Certificate
The diploma will be awarded on satisfactory completion of course. Admission to the training course does not guarantee certification. Passing marks must be obtained in test papers and all assignments must be submitted latest by the due dates. The students who will successfully complete the programme and meet the prescribed criteria would be considered for awarding of Diploma Certificate. The Diploma Certificate will be issued within one month after the course completion.

Certificate will be awarded for different programmes