SNVP College of Professional Education has taken an initiative by introducing a diploma programme on School Leadership for aspiring and practicing principals. It is a training programme that aims to prepare leaders in education. The School Leadership Programme is a first transformative diploma programme that will inculcate leadership skills in school principals so that they can exhibit excellent performance in managing and leading a school. The leadership qualities of principals will help in developing whole school processes and would help schools to become a 21st century model schools where innovations are made by principals and teachers and students undergo into a meaningful learning experiences. This training programme will deal with a number of professional difficulties experienced by school principals in leading a school and at the same time, it will make the trainees familiar with various problem-solving strategies and tools. The diploma programme is meant for the professional development of school principals. It will transform principals into successful leaders and mentors.

  • Diploma for Practicing & Aspiring Principals – A professional training program for school principals, Administrators, Coordinators and teachers

    The School Leadership Program is a first transformative, Diploma program to inculcate school principals with leadership training and practical tools required to foster better performance of their teachers and students.

    The program’s objective is to provide school principals with the skills and tools required to become the leaders needed to transform school education.

    The School Leadership Program will train school principals to

    •          Value their educational vocation and critical role in society
    •          Become inspirational role models
    •          Foster outstanding teacher performance
    •          Expect much from each and every student
    •          Provide tools for children to achieve at their full potential

    SNVP College commitment to launch a principal training program was inspired by four factors:

    • There were no programs that specifically trained principals;
    • The difficulty of highly motivated teachers, who have sought extra training, to perform better due to the poor quality of management skills and commitment of principals;
    • The need for a support network of highly motivated, well-trained principals convinced that the school must play a key role in transforming society;
    • The availability of content and guidance from School of educators mentors for Schools, arguably one of the most effective principal training organizations in the world.


  • Minimum Duration: 1 Year
    Maximum Duration: 1 year 4 Months
    Course Fee: Rs. 14,000
    Minimum Age: No bar
    Maximum Age: No bar

    10th or Equivalent

    Programme Duration
    The course for ‘School Leadership’ will be transacted in 8 Months (16 Modules to be covered)
    Extension can be given upto the period of 4 months (Only in special cases)
    Date of joining- You can join the course in any month

    Programme Structure

    Course Process
    Students will have their personal tutors who will guide them through course material. Students can make use of e-mail to correspond with tutors and all students will have the facility to interact with the tutors through the discussion forum and chat facility on our website. The course has 16 modules that have to be covered within 8 month duration. You can join the distance learning course in any month and there will be no specific beginning of the academic year. The 8-month duration will be counted from the date you have joined the course.

    Mode of Course
    The distance course will have two mode depending on the suitability of the applicants:

    Study materials will be couriered to you at your residential address. Personal tutors will be allotted to guide you through the course content. You can correspond with your tutor through email or chat facility at fixed intervals. Upon enrolling, you will be allotted a personal tutor, whom you may contact (through fax, or E-mail: mypersonaltutor@educatorstraining.in) when require any assistance.

    You can download the study material online from our website. Personal tutors will be allotted for online mode too. You can correspond with your tutor through email or chat facility at fixed intervals. Upon enrolling, you will be allotted a personal tutor, whom you may contact (through fax, or E-mail: mypersonaltutor@educatorstraining.in) when require any assistance.
    The course content, eligibility, criteria and evaluation method will remain same for both the postal and online course.

    The course work will be assessed through Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and it will be based on different criteria and techniques. It would provide enough feedback and space for improvement. Scheme of Evaluation will involve assessment on the basis of Assignments and Test Papers.

    At the end of each module, students will be required to submit an assignment that will be subsequently evaluated and graded. The assignments have to be submitted latest by the due dates. Once you have submitted your assignment, your work will be assessed and graded. Your grades will be sent to your tutor, who will have the responsibility of notifying you of your grades (through e-mail as well as post) along with his/her personal comments on your work. There will be eight assignments-one assignment for 2 modules. Students can submit their assignments through e-mail. There will be three test papers at the end of the course. Once you have completed all eight assignments and three test papers, you will be awarded your diploma in school leadership that will reflect an average of all assignments grades and test grades. You will be given your overall grade. The Diploma Certificate in School Leadership will be issued within one month after course completion to the students who will successfully complete the course and have a pass grade in both test papers.

    Hands on Training
    We also conduct workshops and provide professional exposures to students during the course session in order to impart them hands on training.

  • Purpose of Our Training Modules
    It is widely recognized and agreed that one of the key factors influencing school effectiveness is the nature and quality of leadership exhibited by the school head.

    This series of modules has been written to provide school heads and other school professionals with a source of practical ideas about ways in which they can become better educational leaders. The first two modules provide extensive theory on school leadership and existing structure of school education. The other series of modules provide practical skills along with useful resource materials for school professionals and other educational officials.

    We also provide a lot of reference materials along with our modules

    Who can be benefitted?
    Our training modules have been designed for practicing school heads. We are also aiming on newly appointed school heads. At whatever career stage they may be, school heads know that there is always more to learn. Some aspirants of our training programme may still be teachers who aspire to become school heads; these materials are also of great use for them.

    Leadership skill in education is also a need for many others involved in field of education, from Minister or Commissioner of Education, through to District Education Officers and their staff, school governors, advisors, coordinators, supervisors, deputy heads, chief education officers, teachers and even, parents and members of community. The training modules are for all who belong to any of these groups, and who are interested in improving their school performance or their own professional skill.

    We hope that school principals, teachers, and other school professionals of different educational institutions will find these modules of use.

    MODULE 1: Understanding School Leadership

    Unit 1: Understanding Leadership Concepts and Theories
    Unit 2: Understanding School Leadership
    Unit 3: School as an Organisation
    Unit 4: Principal Leadership
    Unit 5: Teacher Leadership
    Unit 6: Self-Assessment Exercise

    MODULE 2: Understanding National Structure of Education

    Unit 1: Educational Policies and Programmes
    Unit 2: Common School System and Right to Education Act 2009
    Unit 3: School Sub-Systems, Open Schooling and NCERT
    Unit 4: School Boards and Affiliation Process
    Unit 5: Educational Loans and Scholarships
    Unit 6: Statistics in Education (DISE, STATE/DISTRICT REPORT CARDS, EDI, SEMIS)

    MODULE 3: Academic Management

    Unit 1: Exam Conduct and Management
    Unit 2: Curriculum Development and Syllabus Bifurcation

    MODULE 4: Personnel and Payroll Management

    Unit 1: Staff Recruitment
    Unit 2: Staff Development
    Unit 3: Staff Motivation
    Unit 4: Staff Appraisal
    Unit 5: Staff Supervision and Discipline
    Unit 6: Keeping Staff Records
    Unit 7: Managing Meetings
    Unit 8: Managing Conflict

    MODULE 5: Curriculum and Resources Management

    Unit 1: Establishing the Curriculum
    Unit 2: Timetabling
    Unit 3: Organizing resources to support the curriculum
    Unit 4: Selecting and Managing Textbooks
    Unit 5: Libraries, Media and Low cost teaching aids
    Unit 6: Examinations, Testing and Record Keeping
    Unit 7: Resource Maintenance
    Unit 8: Finding Financial Resources

    MODULE 6: Financial Management

    Unit 1: Sources of School Funds
    Unit 2: School Budgeting
    Unit 3: Mobilizing Financial Resources
    Unit 4: Basic Framework and mechanism of financial management
    Unit 5: Expending and Accounting for School Funds
    Unit 6: School Accounting and Auditing

    MODULE 7: School Transportation Services

    Unit 1: Transportation Services
    Unit 2: Planning Considerations
    Unit 3: Routing and Scheduling
    Unit 4: Inspection and Maintenance
    Unit 5: Utilization and Evaluation of Transportation Services
    Unit 6: Standards and Specifications

    MODULE 8: Purchasing, Warehousing and Distribution

    Unit 1: Purchasing
    Unit 2: Warehousing
    Unit 3: Distribution

    MODULE 9: Soft Skill Development

    Unit 1: Communication Skill
    Unit 2: Team Development
    Unit 3: Emotional Intelligence/Optimism
    Unit 4: Stress Management
    Unit 5: Time Management
    Unit 6: Conflict Management
    Unit 7: Decision Making and Problem Solving
    Unit 8: Life Long Learning and Information Management Skill
    Unit 9: Entrepreneur Skill
    Unit 10: Leadership Skill

    MODULE 10: Monitoring School Effectiveness

    Unit 1: Indicators and Characteristics of School Effectiveness
    Unit 2: The Rationale for Evaluation
    Unit 3: Evaluation Techniques
    Unit 4: Planning a Programme of Evaluation
    Unit 5: Using Evaluation Findings

    MODULE 11: The Governance of School

    Unit 1: Defining the parameters of School Governance
    Unit 2: Legal basis of school governance
    Unit 3: School Managers and Governing Bodies
    Unit 4: Relationship between Schools and Other Agencies
    Unit 5: Partner in School Management
    Unit 6: Right to Information Act and School
    Resources- Cases on Right to Information Act

    MODULE 12: Auxiliary Services in Schools

    Unit 1: School Safety and Security Services
    Unit 2: Food Services
    Unit 3: Custodian Services
    Unit 4: Community Use of School Services
    Unit 5: Sale of School Services

  • I am a Principal. Will this course benefit me ?
    Answer : yes.It has tons of practical Information which shall surely help you.

    What shall be the outcome of the course ?
    Answer : The leaders would immersed in a leadership training that will challenge their assumptions, disrupt their ordinary ways of doing leadership, and introduce them to new and unexpected ways of thinking.

    Diploma in School Leadership at a glance
    Answer :
    Name of Diploma : Diploma in School Leadership
    Duration : 8 Months
    No. of Modules : 12
    Assignments : 6
    No. of Tests : 2

    Who all should do this course
    Answer : Teachers, coordinators, principals, management infact everyone associated to school or college.

    How long it takes to start the course
    Answer : It takes about 3-4 weeks to receive the first module after receiving the payment.

    Who are we registered, affiliated or accredited with? 
    Answer : registered, affiliated MGU, SOE

    What are the computer requirements to do the course
    Answer : 

    Pentium IV or above
    Internet connection
    MS Word
    PDF reader ( download from http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/ )
    Pendrive ( backup )

    Are you looking for people in a certain age group?
    Answer : No. School Leaders range in age from 26 to 60 years old at the time of entry to our program. Our competency-based selection process ensures that Leaders come from a wide range of pathways and experiences. We encourage candidates of all ages to apply

    I teach in college shall this course help me.
    Answer : Yes

    Is Fee to be paid in single installment.
    Answer : Yes

    Since I would like to secure employment by a certain date, will you allow me to complete the course in 3 months? Answer : No. This course may be comfortably completed within 9 to 12 months, if proceeding at a consistent pace. Rushing you through the course would be jeopardizing the quality of the program. You are required to spend a minimum of six months to study the course. For your benefit, and the benefit of children, we will not compromise our standards of excellence.

    Can I fax my application?
    Answer : Yes. You can fax on +91-121-2621504. But do send the hard copy with a colour photogaph.

    Is Internet required to do the course.
    Answer : Yes

    My age is above 50 should i do the course ? 
    Answer : Yes. Teachers are learners for life and this course shall improve on your administrative skills.

    I am a teacher not teaching in India. Is this course also for me
    Answer : Yes.This covers international standards of Leadership.

    Is your diploma recognized internationally? 
    Answer : Yes, Infact the schools internationally are demanding this diploma with the candidates to ensure proper knowledge of administration.

    Do I have to pay a fee for the coursework and instruction I am receiving? 
    Answer : No, you do not need to pay extra for your coursework

    Can I take the course material at one time
    Answer : No

    Will you send all the literature mentioned in the programme structure.
    Answer : yes.

    I am a School teacher, Can I be at a higher position after doing this course.
    Answer : Yes, this course is designed so that you can achieve higher designations.

    How do I apply to a program?
    Answer : Complete the online application available on Admission page

    Can I do both Diploma at same time
    Answer : Yes

    Can I work and do the course at same time. 
    Answer : Yes, you can implement the learning immediately

  • Admission Process

    Admission is open to all aspiring candidates. Aspirants need to fill up the application form. Application form can be downloaded from our website. Complete application form along with an enclosed bank draft for the course fee made in favour of “SNVP College of Professional Education”, payable at Meerut, U.P.- India or Pay Online through Buy Now Button, should be sent to our postal address through registered post or courier. On envelope you are required to mark the type of diploma program you wish to undergo. It should be distinctly marked as ”ADMISSION FOR DIPLOMA PROGRAM IN SCHOOL LEADERSHIP’.

    Postal/Correspondence Address:
    SNVP College of Professional Education
    381 W.K Road Below HDFC Bank
    Meerut-250001 U.P. – India

    Download Admission Form